Waterproof Breathable Fabric from TDF : Breathable Fabric Supplier in Taiwan

TDF produces a breathable fabric that is waterproof, windproof, durable, and flexible to the touch. This ensures a high level of long-term performance according to SGS test standards.
Our waterproof breathable fabric has been tested in accordance with test method JIS L 1099, ASTM E-96, BS7209.

Product Description:

Our breathable fabric can be made according to individual client requirements. Hydrostatic pressure coefficient can reach 2000mmH2O – 20000mmH2O, seen as an ideal choice for waterproof breathable fabric. Besides, we also offer fabrics with different functions like reflective fabrics.

Innovative ceramic technology provides more pours that transport water vapor away from your body. This technology improves moisture vapor transmission and continues to out-perform any other type of waterproof breathable fabric in breathability tests.
Due to the addition of millions of ceramic particles added to our coating resin, finer pours have created that offer up to 20% more waterproof protection. Extensive laboratory tests and field tests have been conducted and the results show TDF Ceramic as being very effective in improving fabric breathability. In addition, a pre-coat submersion in a DWR bath along with the ability to be fully seam-sealed, both enhance the performance of this coating. For further details about our waterproof breathable fabric, welcome contact your reliable polyester fabrics manufacturers at any time!

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