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TDF industrial fabrics manufacturers produce nylon and polyester fabric, and recycled PETS fabrics of various organizational structures. Fabrics range from the lightweight 30D to the heavy-duty 2500D depend on the final application of products such as Woven Plain, Twill, Rip-stop, Dobby, Matt, and Jacquard. This is supplemented with high-performance processing procedures that strive to provide our clients with the most premium industrial fabrics.

TDF provides the following high-performance processing procedures :

Industrial Fabrics
Color Fastness

High quality dyes and manufacturing technologies are selected to get good color fastness performance in areas such as: washing, abrason fastness, and sunligh.

Stain Release

Fabrics undergo surface treatment so that stains can be easily removed by washing with water.

Industrial Fabrics
Water Repellent

Full implementation of the more eco-friendly C6 water repellent applied through stringent manufacturing procedures that provide clients with a water repellent effect that is equally durable to washing.

Water Proof

Waterproof teratment suitable for all types of environments are manufactured through processes such as PU coating, PVC backing, or TPU backing.

Industrial Fabrics

Fabrics undergoing the cire treatment can flat their organization structure and reduce gaps to prevent down filling from escaping through gaps.


Images provided by the client can be printed precisely on the fabrics; printing methods differ depending on the different application of the fabrics.


Fabrics undergo peach processing so that microfibers form on their surface, creating a hand feel similar to cotton.

Industrial Fabrics

After anti-cracking treatment, seam slippage is reduced for common applications such as lining fabric.

Flame Retardant

Fibers are treated with flame retardants, coating or laminating to achieve the effect of flame retardancy.


Fabric surfaces undergo anti-static resin treatment to improve the anti-static properties of the fabric.

Industrial Fabrics

Recommended Ordering is as Follows:

MOQ : 1,000 Meters

Width : 58 inch

Standard pack : 50 meters/ roll

Color : any color available

Custom treatment/finish per request .

YarnPolyester30D – 3600D
Nylon20D – 2520D
Recycled PETS50D – 600D
Particular SpecificationPlainWoven Plain, Twill, Rip-stop, Dobby, Check, Matt, Jacquard, Oxford, Taffeta, etc.
FinishingFinishing Peach, Printing, Down-Proof, WBP, W/R, etc.