Product Name : Fire Retardant Fabrics
Product Description

Quality and Multi-Color Flame Retardant Textile

In general, the flame resistant fabrics are manufactured through chemical treatment or manufactured fireproof fibers to resist ignition and self extinguishes when ignited source is removed. Taiwan Dyeing & Fabric offers fire retardant fabrics in a range of qualities. These FR fabrics are available in a variety of colors.

There are many Global Fire Standards that our fabrics conform to, however we mainly offer fabrics that conform to one or all of the following standards: CPAI-84, BS5852, MVSS-302, CA117, CS-191-53, NFPA-702, AATCC-33, CFR-1610EN71-2, the standards are set relative to the end use of the fabric.

* made by FR Filament Blended Yarns

The base fabric of these flame retardant fabrics is made of Technola which is and oxidized filament blend of yarns. In addition to offering a permanent flame retardant function, these fabrics undergo complete carbonization process and will not melt or drip during burning. The tendency of secondary injury to the human body is thus greatly reduced. These FR fabrics are suitable for work wear and protective apparel .

** production picture

*made by dipping / coated / laminated FR chemical treatment

** production picture

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