Product Name : Radio-frequency Identification (RFID) Blocking
Product Description

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) which is a technic for transferring data between RFID tags (chips) and electric readers is applied on smart cards (ex. credit and debit cards). Unfortunately, that data including identification information of smart cards can be easily copied from your RFID tags and written to a new blank card to infringe your personal property by using an illegitimate device.

For the purpose to solve this issue, today the market of RFID blocking fabrics usually takes metal complex fibers to achieve the effectiveness, but the fiber is ruptured especially during wash by washing machines. For long, TDF studies on functional fabrics for outdoor activity wear and developed a specific coating technic to make RFID blocking fabrics to be more washable, durable and abrasion resistant. On the other hand, our RFID complex materials are suitable for any fabrics such as Taffeta, Oxford, Ripstop and Cavas. For further information, please contact us.